Client's Engineer

Client's Engineer

Sulphate Removal Train CAD Drawing

H2Oil & Gas are able to act as the Client's Engineer throughout the life span of projects where we can add value to the project by providing a range of services, depending on a Client's requirements.

H2Oil & Gas have the necessary experience to both chair HAZOP meetings or to attend overall installation HAZOP's to represent our clients' packages.

Module Optimisation
A core strength of H2Oil & Gas is our ability to apply our ingenuity to improve the layout of process modules to enhance the operability/footprint/cost/weight. We have refined this service through more than 20 years experience in the offshore market and having had experience of building, inspecting and operating modules. 

As part of our layout process we are also able to conduct detailed pipework and structural design and stress analysis.

Human Factor Engineering Reviews
The stringent health and safety requirements applied to offshore installations require that any module layout meets the detailed requirements set out in the client's Human Factor Engineering specification. H2Oil & Gas have extensive experience of working with these specifications and are able to efficiently review the requirements and optimise the design to accommodate them. We are able to create 3D models with walk through capabilities to allow visualisation of real life operating environments.

Project Management/Scheduling
The management of project execution within an Oil and Gas environment requires meeting the needs, requirements and expectations of all internal and external stakeholders. Through careful planning, good communication and an effective feedback system allowing for continuous improvement, we apply project management systems and procedures accredited to ISO 9001:2008 to meet our Client defined obligations.

We are able to offer project management and scheduling services to clients to facilitate an improvement to the project execution. Where it is deemed appropriate we can operate this service as part of a team embedded within our clients offices.


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