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H₂Oil & Gas Receives FPAL Registration

H2Oil & Gas is pleased to announce that they are now officially registered as a supplier in the FPAL (First Point Assessment Limited) database.  

Who are FPAL?

FPAL is the Oil and Gas supply chain database for the UK and The Netherlands and is a division of Achilles Information Limited. 

FPAL is the key tool used by purchasers in the Oil & Gas industry to identify and select current and potential suppliers when awarding supply contracts. 


FPAL currently matches the needs of over 70 purchasing organizations with the capabilities of over 2400 suppliers. It is used by major operators and pipeline owners in the North Sea area. Time and cost saving benefits are achieved on both the purchaser and supplier side, through minimizing and in many cases eliminating duplication work in the administrative processes related to sourcing of products and services.



Sulphate Removal System Design & Supply

Press Releases


H₂Oil & Gas Wins Sulphate Removal Membrane Plant Performance Monitoring

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