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The injection of seawater into oil reservoirs to increase oil recovery is a traditional offshore process that maintains reservoir pressures and displaces oil within the oil bearing rock formations.  Research into the requirements of the reservoir have shown that the quality of the water injected can have a significant influence on the levels of recovery achieved.  The filtering of suspended solids, the removal of oxygen and addition of chemicals are a standard pre-injection treatments. It is now the norm to reduce the levels of Sulphates within the injected water where barium or strontium are present to minimise the formation of scale. This has the advantage of:

  • Treating the problem rather than the symptom
  • Reducing the use of chemicals.
  • Minimising requirements for well intervention / workovers
  • Increasing production uptime
  • Reducing the formation of H2S in the reservoir

Sulphate reduction/removal is enacted via a membrane filtration process utilising Nanofiltration membranes.  Membranes systems are also utilised for pre-treatment, wash water production and brackish water production for injection. H2Oil & Gas provide design and supply services for all aspects of the injection system downstream of the Client lift pumps.


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