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Reduced Footprint Technology (REDft®)

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By combining UF elements in the same pressure vessel as the NF or RO elements, with both sets of membrane elements operating at the same feed pressure, H2Oil & Gas has been able to reduce plant area by up to 35 percent, something that is of particular importance for offshore Oil and Gas platforms.


H2Oil & Gas's  technology was specifically developed for the offshore Oil & Gas industry. It is a completely new methodology using reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes. Systems based on this technology are considerably smaller and lighter than those that use conventional technology.

The control system and valve sequencing are the most critical aspects of REDft® system operation. It is important that the valves are carefully opened and closed to control the differential pressure when the UF is backwashed in order to prevent damage to the UF and RO membranes. As long as the forward and backwash TMP is controlled, it is possible to operate at pressures to 70 bar (1015 psi).

Our sulphate removal technology delivers treated, de-sulphated seawater suitable for well-injection. Where oilfield reservoir formation water contains significant amounts of barium and/or strontium, the injection of untreated seawater into the reservoir may result in the formation of scaling, which can reduce reservoir permeability and may also be deposited internally on plant surfaces.

How it Works

In the REDft® process, microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes are integrated into the high-pressure reverse osmosis or nanofiltration modules. By selecting suitable pre-treatment methods and membranes, seawater of varying qualities can be used to produce water of the quality needed for well-injection.

In some cases, nanofiltration membranes are used for the production of a salty permeate containing a small amount of sulfate, while reverse osmosis membranes are the best choice for cases where a lower total salt content is required. This flexibility of REDft® is unique among existing technologies and can reduce costs from start-up if optimally configured.

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